A Cage Free Rowan

Rowan University (the college that I’m like >>this close<< to graduating from) is, much to my surprise, taking a stand against the food coming from the Sodexho-run dining halls, particularly the eggs that are being used in the Rowan Marketplace. Now, I have to say, I nixed my college meal plan a good three years ago because the limited (or should I say, barely there) quantity of fresh, healthy, and whole food (and by whole food I mean food that I can look at and clearly indicate what kind of animal it came from) was too much to bear. I was happy to read in the past issue of The Whit, however, that the Progressive Student Alliance was taking their turns to stand up against the nasty dining hall and petition against their use of caged chicken eggs.

According to the Whit, Thomas Partyka, a senior radio/television/film major and member of the P.S.A. is hoping that their petition to stop Sodexho food services from using these eggs will help students become more interested and aware of the benefits of eating eggs from cage free birds.

So what’s the point in eating cage free eggs? It’s widely understood and recognized that housing birds in cramped cages disallows birds to establish a pecking order within their group, and ends up creating an environment in which these chickens invariably peck one another to death, which leads factory farmers to soder their beaks off in order to keep the birds from killing each other. Pretty gruesome right?

By buying eggs that are produced by cage free chickens, you, as a consumer, are ensuring that these birds are ethically maintained and cared for by their owners.

Fabio, from the past season of Bravo’s Top Chef, once so eloquently stated, in his charming Italian accent, that these animals that we eat and use to sustain ourselves deserve a good life, just as we do, so why not take the necessary measures to ensure that these animals are leading healthy lives, instead of simply turning a blind eye to it all?

To learn more about the protest against caged chicken eggs happening at Rowan, or to sign the petition, visit their website, and to learn more about eggs, revisit one of my posts!


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