The Final Goodbye…or is it?

So as some of you may or may not know this blog began as a class assignment for Online Journalism I. It’s now the end of the semester and 25 posts, 500 pictures, and 9 recipes later I’ve come to the end of the ride. But, like a squirmy little kid who just can’t get enough of that vomit-inducing roller coaster (I shouldn’t be writing vomit on a food blog now should I?…) I’m going to keep riding this thing and see where it takes me.

Why? Well, it’s been fun, informative and a lot of good has come my way since it’s start. I’ve met a ton of interesting folk (see my posts about Drew Lazor and the ladies of the Reading Terminal Market), eaten some interesting and delicious food, and accomplished my goal of figuring out how to be a better omnivore. All that said however, I realize that there are tons more interesting individuals  to meet, delicious food meant to be eaten, and a wide range of information about ecologically friendly cooking waiting for some sifting through.

What can readers expect for the future of my blog? More of the same…PLUS more videos (they’ll get better as I learn to talk to the camera, I promise), more reporting, more recipes, more colorful and overly descriptive writing from myself, and more fun. So don’t stop reading now cause I’m just getting ready to roll my friends!



One response to “The Final Goodbye…or is it?

  1. Lauren F, the other one

    Hey, for what it’s worth, I liked this blog! I think you should keep it up. I would keep reading it, for one.

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