About This Blog

So here’s the deal:

It’s a proven fact that if everyone in the U.S. could suddenly (magically, even) become vegetarians we would cut our collective carbon footprint in half, thus increasing our earth’s life expectancy.  This being said, however, I understand that giving up meat is a life-changing decision that millions of people (including myself) do NOT want to do.  So instead, I’m offering up a means by which us omnivores can still enjoy the food we love without feeling half bad about it.  Through this site I’ll do the dirty work for you and find the best local restaurants, farm markets, and specialty stores that offer a wide variety of delicious, healthy, sustainable, local, untainted, and unfooled around with food so that I can learn how to cook it and share my experience with you so that we can all cook better food together (YAY!).  I’ll also dispel some common food myths, show myself and my audience how to shop at your local Shop Rite, ACME, Piggly Wiggly, or wherever you’d like with the earth in mind, as well as seek out new and different ways to maintain ecological friendliness.

The moral of the story:  I love food and I want you to love it with me – without having the earth hate us for it.


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