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Seasonal Food Guides

So, if I’m going to keep talking about the importance of eating sustainable, local, and organic foods then perhaps it might seem suitable to include a means of finding out what, in fact, that means for your area.  This Eat Well Guide provides an interactive map of the U.S. and Canada where you can click on your specific state to find out what veggies are fresh and which are rotten in your area. By clicking on your state you’ll be able to find out what produce is in season and what you can expect for the coming summer, fall, winter, etc.


So, why is it so important to know what produce is in and what is out? The environmental cost of transporting non-seasonal food to our favorite grocery stores is greater than you might realize. Having a shipment of produce delivered thousands of miles creates a weighty carbon footprint that greatly affects our planet, not to mention these foods are often sprayed with chemicals in order to keep them from turning during their long plane ride to the market. By purchasing seasonal food from your local market you eliminate those environmental costs while also putting money directly into the hands of your local farmer, which usually costs less than buying foreign food – which should feel pretty good for you as a savvy consumer.