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Farmers Markets of Philadelphia

It’s raining, and I can guess that most of you are probably P.O.ed because it’s supposed to be spring and we keep getting teased with one beautiful day out of an entire rainy week. Remember that saying, though? “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, flowers aren’t the only things that April pulls from the darkness, however, and most Philadelphians and New Jerseyites can see the birth of these changes firsthand simply by taking a walk through their neighborhoods or going for a nice, long drive, which will reveal to many that, hey, the farmers markets are opening up again.

Although there are a few farmers markets that stay open all year round, many markets go into hibernation for the winter only to return each year with new and fresh produce from local producers. These places, however, are suffering just as any other business is due to a favorite topic of discussion amongst the suit and tie folk of the work world:  our suffering economy. And most of these critics are telling us consumers to stop fearing the dollar and spend when we can so that we can give the economy the boost that it requires.

So what does this have to do with the farmers market? Patronizing the local markets of our city means that we are putting money back into the hands of the farmer, the local baker, the small shop owner, and perhaps even your neighbor instead of the invisible corporation that we know too little about. By creating a map mashup of all the best farmers markets of the Philadelphia and surrounding area, I am suggesting that we utilize the local producers’ best assets and inspire growth in the communities we live in by frequenting the people who care about supplying us with fresh and quality products.

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