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50 Ways to Eat Green (According to Bon Apetite)

I’m still mildly baffled as to how I came across this article seeing as how I’m a cheapskate with no money to spare on pricey food magazines, but I’m glad I did nonetheless. Hugh Garvey’s article lists 50 different ways we can all take steps to help the earth through food – and that includes cooking it, eating it, and storing it amongst other methods. Some of his tips seem a bit on the “well duh” side, but others (like using your dishwasher – when it’s full to the brim and organized that is – because studies have shown that most dishwashers outperform human beings in water efficiency!) are interesting and easy means of cutting our carbon footprints. A great read that’s got a hefty helping of useful tips, I highly recommend checking out this article.


Oh and did I mention that April is Earth month?! So you should be taking extra special care to treat Mother Nature with some respect. : )